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Birland State: To The African UnionBy Prof. Waheed Musah

A nation is a pride of humanity when bearable policies are practically designed and implemented to make lives better and the future more substantial to human advancement.

Birland, located in BirTawil land also known as BirTawil, is the beloved 55th African nation, located between Sudan and Egypt, covering 2,060 kilometers (795.4 square miles) bigger than countries such as Malta, Brunei, Bahrain, Singapore, and Dubai. Birland is one of the aged remaining rejected, neglected, and undeveloped livable land territories globally.

The Birland State was officially founded in 2015 by a selfless humanitarian named His Royal Majesty King Emir A. Haiyawi, an industrialist and Humanist. They grew up in Europe and had always had a passion for sustainable human development for a better world. When he learned about “BirtTawil”, the rejected, neglected, and undeveloped livable African territory.

However, his majesty had distinguished some inhabitants living a nomadic life in nomadic huts, without birth certificates, marriage certificates, or passports, and received no education and even a water system. His selfless and empathic heart couldn’t control the pains they were going through as citizens of the world.

Moreover, they have the right to enjoy life, education, health, and other diplomatic opportunities like other human beings living in other countries. From then, He decided to seriously establish BirTawil as a real country, not a political country but a friendly humanitarian country to give dignity and home to some stateless people in the world.

As a new country called Birland, which diplomatically stands to be a free humanitarian country, free beliefs ( religion) with a humane culture to stimulate and socioeconomically liberate her citizens, human importance in every stage of decisions and policymaking is an enthusiastic strength for development. That is a sociological reality that will forever be the national and international representation of the Birland.

Birland as a country with regards to human rights, freedoms, and justice as a scheme of governmental administration and networks for the need to protect citizens and uplift them is a fundamental tradition that will stimulate a powerful human coincidence.

Birland opens doors for modern science and technology to advance development, infrastructural, and Industrialization. The country is ready to have the best result globally and the best technologies for agricultural productivity. Birland is set to be a solution and result-centered government that is orienting to treat the African problems the continent is facing today. The country is solidly ready to execute the agenda of the African Union and the United Nations’ goals as Constitutional conventions for national stability.

Birland governmental structures stand as a mechanism for adjusting multinational relationships to represent economic and social balance as a compact for diplomatic resilience to enhance capacities to define, practice, and protect the humanitarian rule of law and industrialization to eradicate poverty and sustain business and job creation for human sustenance. We are committed to deeply recognized continental and global peace and security moderation and dynamism to maintain unity against violence, terrorism, oppression, racism, human rights abuses, and global intolerance to champion a free and better world for human existence.

The government of Birland officially becomes a member of the ECO-6 Region. The ECO -6 will invest US$250 billion worth of LUMI in Birland state to support Birland Governmental developments and projects.

Birland is a humanitarian country pursuing to dignify humanity as an instrument for national building and providing sustainable and accessible extra-modern education, infrastructures, airport, hospital, roads to make life comfortable in the Birland.
Our commitment to providing socioeconomic opportunities to eradicate poverty through industrialization for rapid development to build a stable, vibrant and community that is more peacefully, secure, and advanced in innovation, business, education, science, energy, industrialization, health, tourism, transportation, agriculture, technology, investment, security, leadership, and management.

Our doors are open for investment, partnerships, volunteerism, philanthropists, Humanitarian aids to help make Birland a sustainable and prosperous country for humanity. Join in the vision of Birland, and together, we make the world a beautiful and better place for the advancement of humankind.

Long live Birland
Long Live Africa
Long live Humanity.
Long Live the World.

Ghana’s Representative of Birland and founder of the Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development WCHHD.


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